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Bluetooth GPS GPRS MCU development board kit location tracking google map
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This product include GPRS development board and GPS development board functions . The new GPS + GPRS development board retaining the former SIM300 GPRS development board all functions , at the same time the new  version added bluetooth interface resources, it can send GPS data by GPRS ,  now we have developed the program to send GPS geographic information through the GPRS way to PC computer in real time and also it will be marketed in Google map.


Hardware Description

 1, on-board high power switches for easily debugging and switch operation.

2, high current power supply design using the special power IC–MIC29302, to ensure stable power supply.  Why we have not use LM7805?  the 5V output voltage very close to the module’s upper critical point, so work long time, poor stability, it’s dangerous, the maximum output current of LM7805 is 1.5A  and MIC29302′s maximum output current up to 3A, in poor signal areas, in order to search for network signals, the module will enhance the their transmit power, then the current consumption is very large.

3, hardware resources and  interfaces:
- Provides NOKIA5110 LCD interface, the screen is widely used, and very cheap.
Buzzer Circuit: 5V buzzer driver.
4* DS18B20 temperature sensor interface: 1-wire digital temperature sensor interface, only takes a microcontroller I / O port, you can get real-time temperature to complete the multi-point temperature acquisition.
4 * 4 matrix keyboard: user can program custom key functions to achieve the key control. Used to make a phone dialing system.
1 relay interface: for users to send SMS or call phone to control the relay , relay’s load in case of 220V AC, 3A current.
Bluetooth module interface: the user to connected via Bluetooth , such as a PC or smartphone / PPC and GPS module, GPRS module for wireless connectivity, data collection.

4,4-LED status indicators: the user can control LED to facilitate the debugging work.

5, eight communication jumper mode:
PC and microcontroller communication: MCU chip can be ISP download software through the serial port , it’s not need programmer.
PC and Bluetooth communication: directly control by PC  and debug the Bluetooth module through the AT command .
PC with GPS module communication: directly control by PC, GPS modules and debugging, PC software can see the GPS module test all the data.
PC and SIM300 module communication: directly control by PC and debug SIM300 GPRS module through the AT command.
Bluetooth communication and GPS: GPS module via Bluetooth wireless connection, wireless GPS information to achieve collection, PC or smart phone using the Bluetooth adapter can be paired.
Bluetooth and GSM communication: a wireless connection through Bluetooth GSM module, GSM wireless control module, PC or smart phone using the Bluetooth adapter can be paired.
MCU and Bluetooth: The Bluetooth module is connected to the MCU and the microcontroller can put their own data via Bluetooth wireless transmission.
MCU and SIM300 module communication: direct control by the MCU.

6, All MCU I / O pin expansion : 40 pin outside , for users extended use in the each side of the MCU pins, all directly connected with the chip .

7, on-board microphone, handset interface: We have designed the module board microphone circuit interface, users can directly solder the microphone and speak on the board.

8, STC12C series of high-end CPU, maximum frequency up to 90MHz, the on-chip 60KFLASH program memory, 8K or so chip EEROM, 512B-1208B-chip RAM, 36 IO mouth.

9,1 LED indicators: a power indicator.

10, ISP interface (for program download, serial monitor).

11, RS232 interface, ISP; support for serial debugging.

12,9 v DC power input: with power indicator light.



Through the Google map map display location information ( to a two-dimensional map display )

Through the Google map display location information (in satellite display mode )

New PC software embedded in the Google map information, the software can directly enter the latitude and longitude data, tracing to the target location and in the Google map labeling and display. The Google map supply API function interface, the user can refer to the  function, to achieve a variety of ways of positioning function and the path search function. For example: we can use the Google map API line tools to realize vehicle path playback and recording, these are very interesting and practical function. The development board in the car were tested and the whole process we were recorded. Now let’s look the following photos.

We firstly indoor test, attention: when board indoor ,you  need to place GPS antenna outside of window.

After starting up, display the latitude and longitude information, and through the GPRS wireless transmission to the server.

PC left window display is received the latitude and longitude data, the right is Google map location, latitude and longitude information every 16 seconds to refresh, this is for saving gprs fee.

We use the Audi A6 on  highway for test.

Audi A6 with GPS navigation system and MMS system, it’s convenience of our GPS testing, its own GPS singal very high sensitivity.


We also use an external GPS, it’s map has been upgraded. A train is running.


Because in the car, so we need to use 12V battery for the development board .

We connect the GSM antenna and the GPS external antenna, opened at the GPS navigator, the current connection satellite number is 10, the signal is also good.

















our production of the GS89 and GS92 GPS positioning module


We use  Keil software to edit the source in the target computer IP address and the server to connect. The latitude and longitude information to the remote server. After finished program will be download by burning software on the development board chip . The operation must be quick, the notebook power won’t last too long time, so the programming steps we have not take the  photos.

Packaging Details 

  • 1 X GPS + GPRS development board: 1 piece
  • 1 X External power supply
  • 1 X RS232 serial line
  • 1 X  CD-ROM
  • 1 X GSM  antenna
  • 1 X GPS   antenna