We adhere to the "science and technology, security, environmental protection, high efficiency"

Innovations can improve our daily life and evoke our enthusiasm for life. KinCony's mission is to enable our users to enjoy the convenience ,fast and perfect life brought by technology innovations.

For so many years, over millions of users has experienced the convenience life brought by KinCony products. With the development of 4G network and smartphone penetration, we are sure this figure will have huge growth potential.

Our R&D strength are highly praised in the smart control field, also we have won the leadership position in the smart control field in China.

KinCony Company Timeline

2000-8 KinCony’s first website was established :

2003-6 Use new domain

2004-5 Mcu kits come to market

2004-9 51 mcu simulator come to market

2005-10 Make the MCU video lessons

2006-4 USB kit come to market

2006-5 PC smart controller come to market

2006-7 51 Ethernet kit come to market

2006-9 51 study kits come to market

2006-11 first book was published

2007-1 PIC simulator come to market

2007-8 Wireless smart controller come to market

2007-10 32-relay controller come to market

2008-2 PIC Ethernet kit come to market

2008-5 New mcu book was published

2008-5 New mcu book was published

2008-6 Strategic cooperation with National Electric

2009-1 GSM kits come to market

2009-6 51 study kits by radio magazine recommended

2009-8 Server remote control card come to market

2010-2 New mcu book was published

2010-3 Smart home system project startup

2010-4 GPS kis come to market

2010-5 New mcu book was published

2011-1 16-relay gsm controller come to market

2011-2 KinCony trademark registration

2011-5 KC868-B gateway come to market

2011-8 KC868-D project startup

2012-7 KC868 gateway was patented

2012-12 Cooperation with Hangzhou Normal University

2013-5 KC868 products get CE certificate

2013-6 KC868 products get Computer software copyright

2013-9 Smart home DIY book published by KinCony

2014-1 New smart home book was published

2014-7 International smart home technology exchanges and cooperation with Thailand

2015-5 Smart home innovation Contest Award

2015-6 KinCony publishing of smart home books as college textbooks

2015-7 Smart home solution selected in Hangzhou smart application project

2015-10 KinCony's CEO was awarded the 2015 Hangzhou Youth Science and technology innovation experts

2016-6 2016 new smart home APP published in APP Store

2016-9 Newspaper reported smart home products of KinCony

2016-12 Get lots of Computer software copyrights

2017-3 Wechat smart hardware products come to market

2017-5 New smart home voice control system come to market

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