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Wireless smart home system KC868 can realize controlling your lights, curtains, sounder, TV, air-condition, heater, security alarm by timer, scene or remote computer and cell phone whenever and wherever you are, as long as there is internet or telecom network, you can control your house, added home appliances status feedback and message controlling function. Also supports GSM infrared body alarm, GSM gas alarm, GSM smoke alarm etc, It's currently the most comprehensive, most cost-effective smart home control host.


  • Functional System
    The system includes wireless smart host, smart lighting switches, wireless alarm sensors, WI-FI IP cameras and other smart device. Support Window7, Window8, Window XP, Window2003 and so on, such as operating system platform.
  • RF wireless control range
    Smart RF socket support network range extend function. Proprietary smart home wireless network, fast response and high reliability. Suitable for decorative design in homes, office buildings, and star hotels.
  •  Remote access capabilities
    The instrument can remote control by telephone or network.
    Mobile phone can control all the smart devices and receive warning information from the system.
    You also can control or monitor the system by Internet.
  • Security
    To improve the ability of system anti-crack based on new anti-theft technology.
  • Economic applicability
    The accessories are in modularized information.They can be flexibly organised to various smart control systems without changing original wire arrangement.
  • Super user customization
    The system support 50 kinds of scene model, each scene mode up custom 30 to perform an action. Powerful custom system, users completely free combination, realize the user own smart home system.
  • Intelligent light system can not only work separately, but also work with whole smart home system.The smart switch switch uses single-wire technology the installation and connection is same to mechanical switch.
  • The smart security adopts RF wireless detectors which are very easy to install.
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