U-air (Air quality detector)

Size 118*70*70 (mm)
Voltage DC5V
Weight 139g
Frequency 2.4GHz
Measurement parameters PM2.5,temperature,humidity
Measurement mode air input port
PM2.5 value range 0-999ug/m³
PM2.5 Concentration 5%
PM2.5 Resolution 1ug/m³
PM2.5 detect time 1s
PM2.5 Precision ±5%
Temperature range 0-50℃
Temperature Precision 1℃
Humidity range 20-90%RH
Humidity error ±1%
Humidity Precision 1%RH


PM2.5 has become one of the most significant health parameter in many countries. With the increasingly serious smog over the city, people pay more and more attention to air quality . In order to improve indoor air quality, improve the quality of life, we designed a multifunctional air quality detector --U-air based on the ZigBee protocol. It used to detect the indoor environment of the PM2.5 and the temperature and the humidity.

This product is not need to learn code,it's easy to use, when work with KC868 smart home control system ,you can see the air condition remotely in home by mobile phone, computer, note book and Pad. If PM2.5 exceed the standard value that will be display a warning LED, work with scene modes, such as the alarm information sent to the user, open the air purifier, air cleaner, air system and other equipment, thus improve of air quality indoor Intelligent.

Uair's communication protocol designed by KinCony company, we can supply the SDK or development datasheet.

Functions & Characteristics

  • 1: Strong function, not only can detect PM2.5 value, but also have temperature and humidity valuses.
  • 2: Work with KC868 smart home control system. When PM2.5 exceed the standard will be alarm information to user and control household appliances automatically.
  • 3: Based on Zigbee protocol, you can see the real-time value in any time and any where.
  • 4: Use Sharp high-precision sensors, accurate in measurement, longer service life.
  • 5: PM2.5 warning lamp design, different air condition have different states:
        0 ug/m < PM2.5 < 100ug/m           LED:Green        Air:Good
        100 ug/m < PM2.5 < 200ug/m       LED:Yellow       Air:Normal
        200 ug/m < PM2.5 < 999ug/m       LED:Red           Air:Bad
  • 6: Connected with network automaticly, if you first time to use, without to learn code , easy to use.
  • 7: it's beautiful, quiet design, let you enjoy the quiet breathing.
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