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Smart Home App
I just bought an H32B in order to control, through the smartphone, various equipment in my house (garage doors, lighting, etc..). From the tests I've done it seems to me that the hardware is reliable but the supporting application software is not very user friendly and difficult to understand how to configure and work. I ask, are you planning to improve support applications, namely "Smart Home"?
which app you are using? Because there are many functions in APP, so suggest see our YouTube channel have APP quick help video, here is playlist:
Thanks for your suggestion, we will improve something in furture.
I am using IOS App Smart Home.
Due to hardware limitations, I plan to replace a Sonoff device that I use with the Ewelink App. If I have no doubts about the significant improvement in the hardware, as far as the App is concerned I am facing some difficulties.
I will try to overcome it with the help you have now given me.
ok, any questions leave message.
Please, another question:
If a relay setting is configured to run in a momentary time way, I switch on the relay and after the time configured he changes off. It´s ok, but the icon in the Smart Home application still remains on.
Is it possible to change the icon also?

And, in the Smart Home App is possible to have different mode icons?
Do you use android phone app or iPhone?
I´m using iPhone.
In what concerns icons I want to refer the Scene Mode icons.
sorry, relay's ico can't change to others. it use default switch ico.
when you use kincony smart home app, you can drop-down of your phone screen to update relay state.

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