kc868-h32w Smart Home Automation

KC868-H32W smart control box is the WiFi version of KC868-H32 smart control box. Both functions and interfaces are identical. KC868-H32W connects the Internet through WiFi wireless, and KC868-H32 connects the Internet through Ethernet interface. KC868-H32 Interface Definition Diagram KC868-H32 Application Solution -- Smart Lighting Control If the load is larger than 700W, the power expansion […]
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KC868-H32W smart control box is the WiFi version of KC868-H32 smart control box. Both functions and interfaces are identical. KC868-H32W connects the Internet through WiFi wireless, and KC868-H32 connects the Internet through Ethernet interface.

relay control box

KC868-H32 Interface Definition Diagramlight remote control

KC868-H32 Application Solution -- Smart Lighting Control

solid stare relay

If the load is larger than 700W, the power expansion can be achieved by using solid state relay. Its working principle is as follows:

power extend

relay control app

This is KC868-H32's PC software of remote control version, It support rename and change ICO file by yourself. Also support kinds of languages of different countries.

relay control pc software

This is Config window. Set device name and ON ICO and OFF ICO file.relay control pc

This is main window. All device can be controled.smart home software

Different interface styles

smart home pc

32 channel relay controller (Ethernet) Users manual

Products Parameter:

Dimension:      272x117x40mm

Working Voltage: DC 12V

Material:Fire resistance ABS、metal shell

Working Temp: -20℃~70℃

Working Humidity: 20%RH ~ 80%RH

Output Load:each 250V/3A
Communication mode:Ethernet/RS232

Input port qty:6 ports

Output port qty:32 ports


Products Function:

1. Supporting RS232 and Ethernet communication mode.

2. Remote controlling the opening/closing of 32 routes or 32 groups’ circuits.

3. Supporting 6 ports input of sensor switching value.

4. Supporting secondary development.

5. Supporting APP remote controlling.

6. Widely used for lights controlling of kinds of occasion (like Indoor, theater or Amusement Park etc) and switching of mechanical equipments, and management of the computers in the cyber bar and so on.


Products Features:

1. Highly reliable connection column, independent and isolated route, Make sure the products more stable and safe.

2. Per upper and lower relay output pole compose one route, and each route is equal an independent switch. Total 32 routes.

3. Adopting ARM core chip as the core processor, industrial stability and good anti-jamming.

4. Professional shell design, fixed through the positioning hole, or fixed on the guide rail directly.5. Perfect power input filter, ensuring adequate capacitance.

6. Adopting advanced and stable communication protocol, providing reliable and smooth communication procedures.

7. Providing the upgrade tool, the products can be upgraded by the users; Or can be upgraded by the device supplier through the network.

8. Providing 1 year technical maintenance and free new edition host computer software

Products Usage Instructions

Wiring and Installation

1. Connecting network line or RS232 serial port

2. Connecting the lamp and power into the corresponding output pole, according to      below diagram.

relay interface

3. When need to control one group or groups lights, connecting the line into the corresponding output poles.

4. Connecting the 12V power adapter to charge

5. When the detection sensors are available, connecting them into the input port.

Software Operation

1. Opening the network debugging tool to detect the IP address and port of the device (see below figure)

hardware config

2. Clicking【Device】, see below figurenetwork config

3. Double clicking 【the Name】, set up the network parameter of the device smart-home-config

4. Choosing the working mode, TCP is for local area network setting or secondary  development; UDP is for APP controlling.

5. Opening 【Relay】software, inputting IP address and port, clicking 【connecting】(see below figure)


6. It’s 8 ways, choosing 8 output is ok.


Secondary Development Communication Protocol

1. Relay Controlling(SET):


RETURN: RELAY-SET-x(1bytepack_num),x(1byterelayserialnumber),x(1byteaction0/1),



2. Relay Status(READ):


RETURN: RELAY-READ-x(1bytepack_num),x(1byterelayserialnumber),x(1bytestatus0/1),OK/ERROR


3. Input Status(GET_INPUT):


RETURN: RELAY-GET_INPUT-x(1bytepack_num),x(1bytestatus),OK/ERROR


4. Trigger Alarm(ALARM):



Re: Without receiving the RETURN, ALARM will be re-triggered every 3 seconds, totally re-triggered 3 times.


5. Scanning(SCAN_DEVICE):




6. Serial Number acquisition(HOST):

RELAY-HOST-NOW(under TCP working mode)

RETURN: HOST-CHKLIC-97813679bd8cc4c42ddb6c27(return host serial number)


7. Relay Groups Controlling(SET_ALL):


RETURN: RELAY-SET_ALL-x(1bytepack_num),D3,D2,D1,D0,OK/ERROR


8. Relay Groups Status(STATE):


RETURN: RELAY-STATE-x(1bytepack_num),D3,D2,D1,D0,OK/ERROR


9. Status Testing(TEST):



Re: under this status, the pack_num isn’t working.

Secondary Development Program Toolkit

We supply complete source program Toolkit of VS2005(Microsoft Visual Studio 2005) , and we give the controlling examples through RS232 serial port and Ethernet socket,to help customers carrying on the secondary development.

The upper monitor can control the relay switch, and also show the input state.Details showed from below screenshots.

smart-home-vb smart-home-vb smart-home-vb

We can supply the DEMO code of C++Builder, Delphi, VB.Net, Python and iOS versoins.