Our Advantage

Author: Published:2017-06-13 views:1040

We have R & D, production, sales department, KinCony is the most trusted Smart Home control manufacturer.

  • 1
    Rresearch and Development
    Strong R & D team, each product have own intellectual property right.
  • 2
    The quality of the production
    Strict quality management system to ensure that each product is no problem.
  • 3
    Kinds of mobile or pad software
    kinds of client software support PC iOS, Google Android and will be more abundant.
  • 4
    Video tutorial
    Video online bring you a dramatic demonstration and help you easy to use.
  • 5
    Convenient upgrade
    it's easy and convenient update firmware by local computer , LAN or internet for yourself.
  • 6
    Do it by yourself
    Choose the accessories according to your needs, you make personalized smart home.