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KC868-H32B V4.01 new firmware update

1. add relay control by webpage
2. support http command for developer integrate to third-party software to tun on/off relay and read relay state.
3. add web config password

KC868-H32B V4.01 firmware download: 
download the ZIP file , unzip update the bin file for KC868-H32B relay controller.

.zip (Size: 46.79 KB / Downloads: 502)



for h32L is also available?
I would like at least to be able to control the plc by lan without having to change the way of work ...
this is H32B's firmware , not use for H32L.
Do you want H32L to control PLC or PLC control H32L?
I have two h32L.
I would like, when I am at home to be able to control them from PCs via LAN (I have everything wired) and maybe with an app like kbox but without having to reset the working parameters
now the "TCP Server" and "UDP" work mode need to change manually for KC868-H32L.
new version KC868-H32B can use for "TCP Server" and "UDP" work mode at the same time, not need to change setting.
I know ... I find it uncomfortable. is not an update possible to fix this?
because H32L and H32B use different hardware. this function according to hardware.

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