DIY Intelligent Remote Power Switch

Rapid Development of Smart Home system-- Rapid Development of Smart Home system _ DIY Intelligent Remote Controlling Power Distribution Box   By Xu Wei   After reading the article of the 3rd issue, we have studied the application and implementation of KC868-H8 intelligent control box in intelligent lighting control. Believing that, the remote controls for lightings through PC software and APP of mobile phone have been achieved.   Lighting is only the most common of the many electrical loads, the power is not large, and they can be driven directly through the relay inside the KC868-H8 intelligent control box, then if we encounter higher power or non-regular type of load, And how to achieve the intelligent remote control?   Today we… Continue reading

How to make KC868 smart controller

Today, we will expose the whole process of the PCB circuit board production; let us together enter into the production workshop of Hangzhou KinCony Electronics, to see how the circuit boards of the smart home device are produced and how the quality control is guaranteed. In the magazine, it is mainly showing pictures and text data, actually, we also use 4k Sony high-definition camera to record the production details of every step. The video will be uploaded to the《Radio》 magazine platform, you can download it for watching. Following are the production process of the "KC868-H32 Smart Control Box" , which was introduced in the previous issues "Rapid Development of Smart Home Systems" of magazine 《Radio》, let us see how it… Continue reading

How to control relay through http string

We have learned the communication protocol of the device KC868-H8. And we can control the relays of the device to open and close in LAN mode.   As mentioned earlier, there were some differences in the instruction parameters used in remote control, and today we will plug in the wings of remote control for the device, so that you can use the wings of remote control in any network environment.   It can control the device flexibly to open and close the relay switch, and read the input status. First of all, let's take a look at the communication principle, we used to control the device in the local area network, we set the network parameters of the device to "TCP server" mode, literally, the device… Continue reading

Anlysis KC868-H8&H32 Communication Protocol

Now, we will start to overall analyze the device communication protocol, and check how it is communicated with the other devices. The KC868-H8 and KC868-H32 are the different models with different quantities relay. The protocol is general used. First, we list all the content of the communication protocol. All of the below, when the device is set into “TCP serve” mode through the Ethernet configuration tool, It can be controlled to communicate by the PC client software. The default IP address and Port number of the device are and 4196.   We can study and debug the protocol via the Ethernet configuration tool, which can be downloaded from Kincony official website:     Check the device model (as… Continue reading

ZigBee 3.0 Smart Plug voice control by Echo Plus

 You can use amazon Echo Plus voice control socket directly. Our plug is standard ZigBee3.0 protocol. Also can used by philips hue hub.

program code control ZigBee device by KC868-F

 program code by yourself that can control ZigBee device , such as light, dimmer, curtain, IR by socket port, the gateway not need internet.

Why KC868 is a super network controller

 Why KC868 is a super controller? It can: Control by phone APP (iOS & Android) PC remote(WAN-internet) or local(LAN-no internet) control Voice Control by Amazon Alexa & APP (Need voice module) Voice Control by Google Home Assistant & APP (Need voice module) Manual Control by keyboard & panel switch Control by RS232, Open source, […]

KC868-Hx Local Control by PC software via USB-RS232

 KC868-Hx Local Control by PC software via USB-RS232. First install the USB-RS232 adapter driver. Then search the COM number, set in the software.

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