We adhere to the "science and technology, security, environmental protection, high efficiency"

Innovations can improve our daily life and evoke our enthusiasm for life. KinCony's mission is to enable our users to enjoy the convenience ,fast and perfect life brought by technology innovations.


For so many years, over millions of users has experienced the convenience life brought by KinCony products. With the development of 4G network and smartphone penetration, we are sure this figure will have huge growth potential.


Our R&D strength are highly praised in the smart control field, also we have won the leadership position in the smart control field in China.

KinCony Footprints


May 2005 : HANGZHOU KinCony ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD, was established, and headquartered in HangZhou, China


May 2006: Launch of the first relay control box, model no. KC407, which control 8 relays by LPT port.


Oct 2006: Launch of the relay control box, model no. KC408, which control 8 relays by RS232 port.


Aug 2007: Launch of the first wireless control box, model no. KC409, which control device by PT2262 wireless communication protocol.


Oct 2007: Launch of the first 32 relay control board , which control 32 relays by RS232 port.


Jan 2011: Launch of the first 16 relay GSM control box , which control 16 relays by GSM SMS.


Aug 2011 :Launch of the first Smart Home Controller for home, model no. KC868-B, which has brought the consumer users new user experience control any household appliances.


Dec 2011: Launch of the first Smart Home Controller for industry, model no. KC868-D,which can control household appliances by voice for new function.


Jan 2012: Launch of Wireless infrared transmiter, which can concentrate air condition, TV, set-top boxes, DVD players, Blu ray players and other infrared remote control devices at home on the wireless transmiter.


Jul 2012: KinCony get the patent certificate of kc868 smart home control system.


Dec 2012: KinCony published the first book of smart home in the China.


May 2013: KinCony get CE certificate of kc868 smart home control system.


Jan 2014: KinCony published the second book of smart home in the China.


July 2014:International Smart Home Technology Exchange and Cooperation in Thailand


May 2015:KinCony Team Participates in Smart Home Innovation Competition and Achieves Excellent Achievements


June 2015:KinCony Book, as the first professional textbook in smart home field, have been applied in universities and colleges.


July 2015:Intelligent Solution of KinCony Products was selected as the first batch of key popularization projects of wisdom application in Hangzhou


October 2015:KinCony CEO Wins Young Technological Innovation Skills in Hangzhou




June 2016:Launch new smart home app software - "Yi Jia Zhi Lian"


September 2016:In 2016, the newspapers and magazines of E-Newspaper carried out a series of propaganda reports on smart home of


December 2016: KinCony Obtains Dozens of Computer Software Copyright


March 2017:Launching a New Intelligent Electronic Product of Wechat Hardware


October 2017:Mould Design Renewal of KinCony Smart Home Products


November 2017:Android Pad Software for KinCony Smart Home System complete.


December 2017:Development of Zigbee 118 Intelligent Switch


April 2018:Launching Intelligent Power Box Products


July 2018:KinCony publication book of "Course on Application of MCU and IOT Technology "


October 2018:Development of PC Client Software for KinCony Smart Home System


November 2018:KinCony Smart Home System Accessed to AI intelligent voice speaker


December 2018:Supply KinCony Smart Home System Development Technical Documents and Related Source Codes


January 2019:"Teach you to Build Your Smart Home System 2nd Edition" Book Publication by KinCony