Customizable project

KinCony is a professional open-source hardware manufacturer and solution supplier. We have our own research and product department to design and produce open-source hardware such as Arduino and ARM related modules. What’s more, we offer one-stop service that includes products design, prototyping, and small batches production to help customer turn the creative ideas into real products.

Based on various development platforms we provide, users can customize their layouts, such as size, color, shape, and logo. Users also can customize their interfaces according to the product usage, such as serial port, USB, analog signal input pot, I/O, and Ethernet. Moreover, users can add some other functions in the modules, for example, GPS, Bluetooth, RFID, storage etc.

The professional customized service KinCony Studio provides helps customers to save the time and lessen the workload in designing the circuit boards. Customers also can utilize our off-the-shelf modules to construct the prototype of the system, proceed to functional verification and develop software at the same time. In this way, customers can save a lot of time in the process of turning ideas into products, lower the risk of product development and face the challenges from market in a better way.

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