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KC868-H32BS V2.08sp firmware support Tuya app
1. support use Tuya app for remote control OUTPUT and monitor INPUT state.
2. support TCP Server, TCP Client, UDP, MQTT, Tuya different protocol at the same time by ethernet.
such as you can use Home assistant (by mqtt) in local LAN network and Tuya app for remote monitor by internet.
3. add "MQTT send all" option. if "enabled" , MQTT state message will feedback all channel's information. if "disabled" , MQTT state message will feedback single channel's information.
4. support control by KC868-AK keyboard.
firmware download:

.zip (Size: 142.09 KB / Downloads: 160)
[Image: attachment.php?aid=2428]   
how to order tuya licence:

here is Tuya licence for "H32BS,H32B,COLB" firmware , it can let your board remote control by internet.

1:telll us your email, we will send the licence to your email

2:tell us your area(choose from :China/Westen US/Eastern US/Central Europe/Western Europe/India)

IMPORTANT: check for your tuya account, which REGION you have registered.

Check in your tuya or smart life mobile phone app: Me -- Settings -- Account and Security -- Region

according to the "Region" visit here ( to check your server location.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=1928]    [Image: attachment.php?aid=1929]    [Image: attachment.php?aid=1930]   

if you really don't know how to check, just send us your tuya or smart life app account name, we will check for you.

3:tell us you model(choose from Kincony A4/A6/A8/A8S/A16/A32/A64/A128/E16S/AI/AK/H32BS/H32B/COLB)

4: The license has no time limit, and the tuya platform provides corresponding services and guarantees

5:Once sold, it cannot be returned or refund

6:One licence only for one product

Tuya internet cloud server locate in 6 positon in the world:
Location-A: China
Location-B: Western US
Location-C: Eastern US
Location-D: Central Europe
Location-E: Western Europe
Location-F: India

please tell us which server location your app account used. such as if your account is "Western Europe" ,tell us "Location-E: Western Europe".

it's sell only from KinCony Aliexpress official online store:
thank you
after update i can not login web page  , how i can reset username and password ?
whether can open webpage? or login with your account is wrong password?
yesterday can open web but login with my account is wrong may be 
But I use name admin
Password admin
Iam not change it before

 now i can not able to open webpage and ,my h32bs has not get ip
iam using scan device tool (KinCony-SCAN_Device)
try to login by:
user name: admin
password: jingkong
After update firmware to H32BS_V208SP and I can't login to my H32BS controller.
Leds off
I try upload old firmware 1.39 - 1.48SP - 150SP, but no luck.
Data send complete
Download fail, Please try again.

Only can login to WIFI HF-LPT230 and web
LAN by not work.
How to reset the controller?
if you order H32B many time ago, maybe you need to update BOOTLOADER file by Jlink firstly.
now you can download old firmware BIN file to use. i think if your BIN file size <128K will work fine. new firmware need support >128K's BOOTLOADER.
Thank you 
I can update and integrated with home assistant 
Appear switches as attach picture 

I want use one switch  for on and off how can do it?

Attached Files Image(s)
see here is config yaml file. check your config whether correct.
Now H32BS is working no problem

i am using post password im my yamle file so you shoud check ( yes ) post password  setting in H32BS comfigration page 

see attached picture

Attached Files Image(s)

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