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What is the relay model installed in KC868-HxB?
I understand that the built-in relays might get worn and have to be replaced after a few years of operation.
1. What is the model/specifications of the relay units installed in the actuator? Can it be soldered (out and in) easily at home with a simple solder, or does it require special equipment/specialty? Do these relays getting worn when sitting on the shelf unused? I consider buying a few relay units in advanced and store them at home for such case.
2. Can I replace these relays with higher quality ones?
3. How much does using a secondary contactor enlarges the life expectancy of these built-in relays? What is the most recommended contactors? Are SSR contactors preferable over magnetic ones? Does it wore them less if they operate on DC12V?
4. Is it recommended to use RC snubber for SSR contactors or it is relevant only for magnetics?

1. we use JQC-3FF 10A 277VAC relay model. it's common model, you can easy to find many different brand's relay product to replace. it's not difficult to replace and weld the relay. I think we can make a video upload to our YouTube channel how to replace relay from PCB board later.

2. Yes, you can chose, just package is same.

3. Yes, use extend relay will let KC868 controller's relay life extend. contactor according to current, it have sound when ON/OFF, SSR no sound, but use for inductive load, because use semiconductor to relay power output. AC contactor is safety for large current load. But SSR working no sound, no noise.

4. RC snubber is use for AC contactor to kill spark. if use SSR, not need to use RC snubber,because it's DC and low current.
this is video what relay used and how to replace for repair:
Thanks a lot for the great support!!

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