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Demo script for KC868-AM to send and receive requests from HomeAssistant over MQTT
Its me again! I bought this development board and need some help with scripting in Arduino IDE.
Maybe I missed out something, but I think my project may be useful and for other users.

I want to make KC868-AM to be able to receive requests to activate build in Relay (15) (for alarm siren) and all other GPIO pins (5, 13, 14, 33, 36, 37, 38, 39, 34) act as an input (for basic alarm system magnetic NO switch and motion sensors).
Output (Relay) and inputs should be able so receive/send notifications from/to SmartHome server over MQTT.
The device itself should be able to connect to network via LAN or WiFi.

Can someone help with the project?
there are two ways for you:
1. download KinCony KCS v2 firmware, then you can use MQTT and IFTTT command directly. without any coding work.
2. write arduino IDE code by yourself, there are MQTT library you need to install, then write code by yourself. hardware support your requirement.
I successfully flashed KCS v2.1.1 firmware BIN file and connected to the device, but I cant access free GPIO's and in IFTTT dont have an option to set up digital or analog conditions - only time or temperature.

Maybe I am doing something wrong?
yes, because KC868-AM interface for user only 4GPIOs, that's for sensor use.
Perhaps you could also consider ESPHome as firmware for the KC868-AM. That would integrate well with HomeAssistant, either over MQTT or over the Homeassistant API protocol.
at here:

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