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DIY Distribution board/panel building
Hy Everyone.
 I want to build a distraction board for a small residential building on my own and I don't know how to go about it. I'm a beginner and this is going to be my first project.

 I need help on where to start, materials I would need,  tools I would need and how to get them.
you need to confirm:
1. What load you will control?
2. How many channels will use?
3. 3 phase or 1 phase power?
4. every channel amp?
this is a video lesson will help you: 【IoT training lesson beginners #09】DIY Powerful Smart Power Distribution Box
we also have DIY kits for smart distraction board:
Thanks so much Admin.
I will go through those lessons and see what I can do.
ok, any questions just leave messageSmile
Hi....LBs aren't that large an arrangement, however it helps in the event that you oversize the conductor. I'm generally a major devotee of oversizing conductor while doing DIY. Little expense, makes achievement almost certain.

LLs and LRs put the "cover" on the left or right rather than the back. They're for working in corners and so on

They for the most part need the fundamental board as close as conceivable to the assistance gear in light of the fact that the run from the meter to the principal breaker is completely unfused, and not shielded from over-burden.

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