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KC868-A2 and SIM7600

Has anyone managed to get a SIM7600 module to work on the  KC868-A2 device ?

ESP32 TX pins shall be PIN34 but this pin in defined as "input only" in ESP32 documentation.
So software crashes on begin function (error "tx_io_num").

Thanks !
take a clear photo of your A2 PCB two side, let me check.
Here are the pictures. Feel free to ask if you need more.

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add a wire for V2.3 pcb, we have send you photo by whatsapp.
It works now, with the help of @Admin

For those who have the same issue (PCB v2.3) :
  • Add a wire between GPIO5 and TX (see picture)
  • Change your software : RX=13 Tx= 5

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good, V2.4 PCB not add this wire, we have updated PCB.

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