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Dimming TRIAC bulbs with KC868-D8?
Hi Everyone,
did some of you try dimming TRIAC bulbs with KC868-D8?
The problem with TRIAC dimming bulbs is that they do not support dimming with SSRs which is just lowering the volts. TRIAC dimmers control the flow of alternating current by adjusting the waveform. At least how I understood it.

Cheers, Iwan
KC868-D8 + SSR can control AC220v lamp.
if you want ESP32 control lamp by TRIAC directly, wait for a moment, we will release new product KinCony ADR soon.
I think to use ESP32 to control TRIAC is the way to go  Big Grin . Especially if I can use your hardware.
Do you have a rough timeline? How many lamps are you planning to control with the new hardware?
hardware design is completed. Now testing with KCS firmware. home assistant is tested , it's OK.
the TRIAC use 40A IC, but actually use 2-3A is safety, large current will be hot , need add heatsink for TRIAC.
Support Tuya app, home assistant, digital input manual control and ESP32 RS485 modbus, wifi by MQTT, HTTP, TCP command.
maybe next week will make YouTube video tour.
It looks great!
I need to control 21 Dimmable lights. Would it mean, I need 21 of your devices?
now the ADR for one channel, because easy install with celling fan and lamp. if you want control 21 dimmable lights, need 21pcs of ADR.
but 8 channel version also in developing, just release product not soon .

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