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KCS v2.2.4 versus ESPHOME
I am testing ds18b20 sensors with KC868-AM I have 8 sensors attached, 2 per input terminal. 

With KCS v2.2.4 firmware I get results from at least 4 sensors. See picture.

However when I try to setup in ESPHOME I consistently getting the following:

20:42:58][C][gpio.one_wire:016]: GPIO 1-wire bus:
[20:42:58][C][gpio.one_wire:017]:  Pin: GPIO5
[20:42:58][C][gpio.one_wire:080]:  Found devices:
[20:42:58][C][gpio.one_wire:082]:    0x8c000000306c8028 (DS18B20)
[20:42:58][C][gpio.one_wire:082]:    0xc800000030c41b28 (DS18B20)
[20:42:58][C][gpio.one_wire:016]: GPIO 1-wire bus:
[20:42:58][C][gpio.one_wire:017]:  Pin: GPIO14
[20:42:58][W][gpio.one_wire:078]:  Found no devices!
[20:42:58][C][gpio.one_wire:016]: GPIO 1-wire bus:
[20:42:58][C][gpio.one_wire:017]:  Pin: GPIO13
[20:42:58][W][gpio.one_wire:078]:  Found no devices!
[20:42:58][C][gpio.one_wire:016]: GPIO 1-wire bus:
[20:42:58][C][gpio.one_wire:017]:  Pin: GPIO33
[20:42:58][C][gpio.one_wire:080]:  Found devices:
[20:42:58][C][gpio.one_wire:082]:    0xfe00000030e49428 (DS18B20)
[20:42:58][C][gpio.one_wire:082]:    0x770000003065cc28 (DS18B20)

It cannot find any sensors on gpio 13 and 14. This was working before the ESPHOME update to 2024.6.1

Any idea on what might have happened?

Also tested with one ds18b20 sensor in each one of the sensor inputs with KCS v2.2.4 firmware and each individual sensor input worked.

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i checked with esphome webpage guide, old ds18b20 online guide webpage unavailabe. now it's showed "temp".html, i think maybe ESPHome developer will fix this problem, maybe you can wait some days. or you can recover your ESPHome to old version.

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