input sensor module

KC868-COL digital analog input development kit

KC868-COL acquisition board is used to read AI, DI, Temperature,electricity meter . The equipment supports 5 channel of DS18b20 temperature sensors, 16 channel of Digital input signal detection, 16 channel of Analog input signal detection and RS485 communication smart meter. 

delete controller

How to delete smart controller in phone app

every KC868 smart controller only can add to one phone app account, if you need to add to another app account, you must delete the controller in your app account firstly. Then another phone account can add the controller. If you want to some people control one controller. You can authorize the controller to other…

input control output

How to set input trig output relay by app

how to create scenes for relay ON or OFF. Such as all relay ON, all relay OFF, or relay1 ON, relay2 OFF, relay 3 ON by one button on phone APP. for example , you can set a scene: relay 1 ON , delay 2 seconds, relay 1 OFF. …. any actions you needed can…