KC868-E16S ESP32 DIN Rail relay module released!

we have designed KC868-E16S ESP32 home automation extend relay module. it’s based on ESP32 , Ethernet + RS485 + 4CH analog input + 16CH digital input ( include manual control buttons ) and 16CH digital output by 16A OMRON relay. Support ESPHome for home assistant and Tasmota firmware for home automation DIY.


KC868-A64 ESP32 home automation GPIO module released!

We have designed KC868-A64 smart controller , so much GPIOs for user. 64 channel digital input and 64 channel digital output and 4 channel analog input, “Made For ESPHome” , easy integrate to home assistant. KC868-A64 support write arduino IDE code download to ESP32 module for home automation project.  

KC868-AG: IoT IR controller

I don’t know about you, but my first association when looking at the Kincony KC868-AG is a hockey puck. In fact, this is another IoT controller from Kincony based on the popular ESP32 microcontroller, designed for IR control of home equipment and additionally equipped with a 433 MHz wireless receiver and transmitter for interacting with…


ESP32 6 channel relay module – KC868-A6

KC868-A6 smart controller , many hardware resource for you to use, have LoRa and nRF24L01 wireless module interface. you can write any code by Arduino IDE to ESP32 wifi/bluetooth/ethernet module. We will supply demo code for different samples. Everyone can modify and change the code for your own smart home automation system project. ESP32 module…

KC868-A4 Green house temperature monitoring

In this series, we will analyze examples of the application of Kincony controllers in solving cases from practical applications. Practical cases are usually not complex, but they solve important things in the production process. In some cases, mistakes can cause large losses in production. Such systems need to be approached seriously. author: wrote by Nebojsa…

How to use KC868-Server

1.Diagram of relay Controller Download PDF details Leds status different color means: Red: Controller is power on. Green: WiFi module is connect to your router successfully. White: network run in “TCP Client” mode or “MQTT” mode. Yellow: network run in “TCP Server” mode. Blue: network run in “UDP” mode. what’s UDP , TCP Server, TCP…

smart home diy

smart distribution board (MCB box) – case20

Functions: 1. integrate raspberry pi CM4 module. 2. remote / locally control 16 +16 channel AC220V 1 phase power output by mobile phone and PC application. 3. use “Omron” removable relay module. 4. use by dry contact wall switch panel directly 5. support connect with analog DC 0-5v sensors and digital sensors. 6. support DS18B20…


KC868-Uair hardware design details

Today we will move a little away from studying of ‘serious’ controllers as the KC868 series (KC868-A4 [https://www.kincony.com/kc868-a4-hardware-design-details.html], or KC868-A8 [https://www.kincony.com/kc868-a8-hardware-design-details.html]) and let’s deal with a completely frivolous (at first glance) Kincony KC868-Uair controller. KC868-Uair is a kind of “unknown little animal with light bulbs”, with which it is not clear what needs to be…