KC868 Smart Controller firmware download update tool released

We have make firmware update tool for KC868-Hx smart relay controller and KC868-COL Programmable Logic Controller (analog input digital input module). If the product serial number like “HxxBxxxxxxxxxxxx” , include “B” in SN, then you can use this firmware software update kit. We will continue to update the kc868 series products, through the update firmware,…

data acquisition

analog input digital input module – KC868-COL

KC868-COL acquisition board (analog input digital input module) is used to read AI, DI, Temperature,electricity meter . The equipment supports 5 channel of DS18b20 temperature sensors, 16 channel of Digital input signal detection, 16 channel of Analog input signal detection and RS485 communication smart meter. KC868-COL have two version of firmware, this website version is…

power meter

KC868-COL update for support power consumption meter monitor

We have updated new firmware of KC868-COL and new PC software. update function as follows: Support 8 power meter monitor for Power consumption,voltage, current, frequency, power factor, active power value. Support input trig hold time minimum =0.1 second can be used. Support custom define RS485 command for “THEN” output command. You can use sensor automatic…

smart home app

KBOX iOS app update for scene mode

“KBOX” iOS phone app updated, we have added new function: 1. update add controller scene mode, support add KC868-H2/H4/H8/H16/H32 you can add any controller’s any relay switch output to scene mode.Set for ON,OFF or not change.

8 channel dimmer

8-Channel Dimmer – KC868-D8 released

We have designed the KC868-D8 for 8 channel smart dimmer. It can control by wall switch button, wireless remoter, also work with ethernet or RS485 port, open protocol for development by other software. 8 channel output DC0-10V, you can connect with LED driver to LED light or LED strip. The LED driver’s power according to…

8 channel dimmer

8-Channel Smart Dimmer – KC868-D8

KC868-D8 Dimmer Controller Use Manual And Protocol 1.Manual control and wireless remoter control (by the same work way): A.Manual control switch for dimmer, 16 ports for input, every 2 ports are brightness+ and brightness- for every channel dimmer. For example: Press and hold key 1 of the first dimming lamp, the brightness will increase and…


KBOX iOS app update for touch mode

“KBOX” iOS phone app updated, we have added new function: 1. update add controller mode, support add KC868-H2/H4/H8/H16/H32 2. add “TOUCH” mode for every relay switch output that can auto OFF when you pressed button.