domoticz 32 relays

How to integrate KC868 relay controller into domoticz

We have write plugin file for domoticz. You just need 4 steps integrate KC868 relay controller into domoticz smart home platform. It’s very easy. 1. Make sure you have a Raspberry Pi and installed domoticz. Here is Wiki for how to install domoticz on Raspberry_Pi 2. Download KC868 plugin file unzip and copy “KC868” folder…

how to use KC868-D8 Dimmer Controller

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] 1. What switch panel or buttons can be used? KC868-D8 input ports (K1+ — K8+) and (K1- — K8-) support dry contact signal. You can use any dry contact switch buttons. Such as “K1+” for channel 1 brightness up, you just use “K1+” and “KCOM” for one button. “K2+” for channel 2 brightness up,…

smart home forum

KinCony IoT community forum created

We have create smart home automation DIY forum: If you have any questions, you can post your questions on our forum, every day our administrator will reply your questions quickly. We will provide better service and technical support. Thanks.