home automation training -6 Configure integration of home assistant

home automation training -6 Configure integration of home assistant  intergration in Home assistant for home automation DIY 1. All integration (components) https://www.home-assistant.io/integrations/ 2. Main functions of integration (component) Realize the logic of some state generation and change, and realize some services that can be called 3. Configuration of integration (component) Some can only be…

KC868-A16 esp32 board hardware design details

So, we have practiced on the initial Kincony controllers (KC868-A4, KC868-A8, KC868-Uair, KC868-AG) and now we are moving to the “big league” and will analyze the device and purpose of the more serious KC868-A16 controller. This is a representative of the same line of Kincony ESP32 controllers for DIY and small automation, but with a…

home automation training -1 Course introduction

Hello, everyone, This article / video I will show you why we make these smart home automation lessons.Because the smart home is not a simple subject. It is a comprehensive application of network, software, hardware, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and big data.It will not only involve the WAN, LAN, operating system and program that we…


KC868-E16S ESP32 DIN Rail relay module released!

we have designed KC868-E16S ESP32 home automation extend relay module. it’s based on ESP32 , Ethernet + RS485 + 4CH analog input + 16CH digital input ( include manual control buttons ) and 16CH digital output by 16A OMRON relay. Support ESPHome for home assistant and Tasmota firmware for home automation DIY.


KC868-A64 ESP32 home automation GPIO module released!

We have designed KC868-A64 smart controller , so much GPIOs for user. 64 channel digital input and 64 channel digital output and 4 channel analog input, “Made For ESPHome” , easy integrate to home assistant. KC868-A64 support write arduino IDE code download to ESP32 module for home automation project.