KC868-E16 DIN Rail Relay Module

Inside relay model : OMRON G2R-1-E SPDT every channel output : COM,NO Coil voltage: 12V MAX current: 16A at 250VAC Operation Temperature: -40~55 ℃ Relay consumption: 0.53W/each Mechanical life: more than 5 million times Electrical life: (under rated control capacity) more than 100,000 times (ON-OFF frequency 20 times/minute) Maximum operating frequency: 20 times/minute (under rated…

rc snubber

RC Absorption Snubber Circuit Module

RC absorption circuit module used on protecting the relay or thyristor because it can avoid damage that from inductive electromotive force generated by the inductive load when on or off. Preventing electromagnetic interference and increasing the anti-jamming capability of the microcontroller. For AC or DC 5 ~ 400V inductive load (less than 1000W), protection relay…

momentary switch panel

plastic momentary wall switch panel

plastic momentary wall switch panel have 2 gang , 4 gang , 6 gang channel version. 2 gang as same appearance as 4 gang, just up and down button both can control one lamp. LED Supply Power: DC12V K1–K6:key line KCOM:key Common Note:”Kx” with “KCOM” is dry contactor , not need power. D6–D1:LED display DCOM:LED…


KC868-Uair ESP32 wifi Magic Sensor Box released!

We have designed KC868-Uair wifi temperature magic box , many hardware resource for you to use, you can write any code by Arduino IDE to ESP32 wifi/bluetooth/ethernet module. We will supply demo code for different samples. Everyone can modify and change the code for your own smart home automation system project.

esp32 lesson

KinCony ESP32 IoT lesson release on ESPRESSIF official website

KinCony ESP32 application course is published on the udemy online course platform for everyone to learn for free. At the same time, we will publish on the online course platform of Espressif’s official website, and we will continue to produce more courses based on ESP32 applications. https://www.espressif.com/en/ecosystem/iot-college/courses