Anlysis KC868-H8&H32 Communication Protocol

Now, we will start to overall analyze the device communication protocol, and check how it is communicated with the other devices. The KC868-H8 and KC868-H32 are the different models with different quantities relay. The protocol is general used. First, we list all the content of the communication protocol. All of the below, when the device…


wall touch switch of ZigBee

 KinCony wall touch switch of ZigBee wireless smart home solution of KC868 smart home system Video demonstrates ZigBee switch manual control, app control, dual switch panel control of one lamp


Pir Sensor Alarm Detector

 Home security Pir Sensor Alarm Detector work with KC868 controller. How to configure mobile app and alarm function demonstration. Connect the sensor to kc868-h8 controller via wires to trigger alarm demonstration.  

Uair development board shell install

 Uair temperature and humidity development board shell install. There are interface of temperature sensor, humidity sensor and PM2.5 sensor on the PCB board (PM2.5 sensor is not standard, pls buy if required). You can install it directly on PCB board, temperature and humidity sensor is recommended to install for extension to ensure numerical accuracy.…