smart home model

ZigBee Smart Home Automation Building Module

Model size of smart home building: 60cmx60cmx50cm(LxWxH) Demonstration function of Smart Building model: 1. Individual control of light in each room 2. Electric Garage Door Control 3. Electric curtain control 4. Infrared Counterfire Alarm 5. Television control (4.3 inch display) 6. Video surveillance (switchable TV screen) 7. Air conditioning control 8. Outdoor Landscape Light Control…

zigbee3.0 socket

ZigBee 3.0 Smart Plug Power Socket

You can use amazon Echo Plus control socket directly. Our plug is standard ZigBee3.0 protocol. Also can used by philips hue hub. The control demo can see our video link:      

relay network

Why KC868 is a super network controller

 Why KC868 is a super controller? It can: Control by phone APP (iOS & Android) PC remote(WAN-internet) or local(LAN-no internet) control Voice Control by Amazon Alexa & APP (Need voice module) Voice Control by Google Home Assistant & APP (Need voice module) Manual Control by keyboard & panel switch Control by RS232, Open source,…