51 MCU GPS development board kit with TFT

51 MCU GPS development board kit with TFT
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51 MCU GPS development board, LCD screen can display real-time GPS data: GPS time, latitude, longitude, altitude and other  information, development board provides TFT LCD and 12864 color screen interface. Development board uses SMD component designed , you can use an external power supply or USB power cable for notebook users, because of outdoor debugging, laptop or netbook can use USB cable for power supply and at the same time development board provide an external RS232 serial communication interface, user programming the code and burn into chip by PC com port, while the board has  jumpers for switch communication mode ,there are three communication modes, respectively : PC - GPS module; PC - MCU; MCU -GPS module.

Protel TOP layer

Protel Botton layer

Protel Mechanical layer

Demo Description

This is our GPS development board connected with 12864LCD and GPS external antenna.

turn on the power,  LCD display LOGO.

After a while, GPS received satellite data displayed on the screen , firstly the data is not stablely, but will be more stable later.

Now we use TFT LCD with board

now you can see the information on TFT-LCD, it’s more beautiful then 12864 LCD, the image on screen is not very clearly because of the camera shutter speed.

The following is PC test DEMO for GPS . Firstly set the COM port, such as COM1 or COM2… . Then give power for GPS board, you will see the information about satellites later.

When we turn on the GPS development board, after a period of time, we can receive satellite data, as shown in the diagram , PC received a GPS module sends the data will be displayed in the” Received Data” window, at the same time, the software will automatically decode of these complex data, carries on the direct-viewing, image graphics display.


This is GPS antena for SMA interface.

Packaging Details 

  • 1 X GPS development board
  • 1 X Serial line
  • 1 X USB power cable
  • 1 X External GPS antenna
  • 1 X TFT color display
  • 1 X Supporting CD-ROM

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