EM310 MG323 GPRS Serial development board

EM310 MG323 GPRS Serial development board
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1, stable and reliable power supply , use bridge  of rectifier filter, the input voltage wide, use A 9 V-12 V can, positive and negative polarities and, at the same time, there is no limit to the on-board 2 A fuse, safe and reliable.

2, high current power supply design using the special power IC–MIC29302, to ensure stable power supply.  Why we have not use LM7805?  the 5V output voltage very close to the module’s upper critical point, so work long time, poor stability, it’s dangerous, the maximum output current of LM7805 is 1.5A  and MIC29302′s maximum output current up to 3A, in poor signal areas, in order to search for network signals, the module will enhance the their transmit power, then the current consumption is very large. 3 and 1 road LED indicator lights: the user can state by light and put out four road LED tube, convenient program commissioning work.

4, RS232 serial communication: PC and EM310 module communication sent AT command;

5, 1 LED indicator light: a power instructions.

6, 9 v dc power input: take the power indicator.


Packaging Details 

  • 1 X HUAWEI EM310 GPRS development board
  • 1 X power supply
  • 1 X RS232 calbe
  • 1 X CD-ROM
  • 1 X GSM Antennas

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