Economic 51 MCU development board

Economic 51 MCU development board 8051 study kit on board ISP dev board
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4 digit display: This is useful in counter, digital display and clock project, etc.
Eight LEDs, controlled by 8 dedicated I/O lines
5 key keypad: one is RESET key , Normal Keyboard 4 keys
Speaker: Produce a sound and play music.
Relay Interface: You can control the electrical device by relay.
24C02: IIC bus experment.
Display port:  works with standard character-based LCDs. A 1602 display or 12864 display.
Serial Port/UART: Includes a single standard RS-232 compatible DB9 port that can be used to interface and communicate with external devices such as a standard PC. This is also useful in explaining the concept of serial communications.
Stepper Motor Driver Circuit (ULN2003).
Infrared Remote Receive: You can control all component on board via IR.
It has extended socket for special experiments and is flexible
Red PCB: it's so beautiful.
You can use external power-supply Or USB line.

Learning microcontroller or want to develop advanced embedded solution based on standard 8051 core, this board will help you quick start with the application by giving you access to everything required to run the microcontroller.

This multi-function board is able to use 51 series MCU, AT89C5X, AT89S5X, W78E5X, SM895X and etc. It has extended socket for special experiments and is flexible, easy use, suitable for development and experiment. Additional extension socket for outdoor application. 8 LEDs, 4 digit display and 5 key keypad on board provide more flexibility for experiment and testing.



This is new version PCB photos : Red PCB board. It's so pretty. fondle admiringly!

Now , Let's begin make a new Advanced Experimental Board.

First,according to the high of component on board you soldering all resistances.All resistance is a 1/16W model.
Then, weld the diode,triode and the connecting socket.


Putting on all ICs just OK.

Advanced Experimental Board , Mini 51 Emulator , 1602 LCD dispaly.

Experment with 12864 LCD display.

Experment with DS18B20 temperature sensor.

Experment with IR decode. Advanced Experimental Board display the number when your press your IR remoter.

Display "8051" number.

Use 1602 LCD to display our webpage and our telephone number.

Advanced Experimental Board , Mini 51 Emulator , step motor.

The small step motor connected with Advanced Experimental Board.

Advanced Experimental Board control the step motor to run. (include deasil and anticlockwise model)

Advanced Experimental Board and Wireless Remote Control board

Wireless Control relay trun on a light by Advanced Experimental Board .

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