How to make KC868 smart controller

Today, we will expose the whole process of the PCB circuit board production; let us together enter into the production workshop of Hangzhou KinCony Electronics, to see how the circuit boards of the smart home device are produced and how the quality control is guaranteed. In the magazine, it is mainly showing pictures and text…


KC868-Hx Smart Controller Development Protocol

We will start to analyze KC868-Hx or KC868-HxB communication protocol. The KC868-H2B,KC868-H4B,KC868-H8B,KC868-H16B,KC868-H32B just different channel relays. The protocol is almost same. First, we list all the protocol command. If you use KC868-Hx series relay controller, when the controller is set in “TCP server” mode by Vircom tool, PC is a client device. The default IP…

Uair development board shell install

 Uair temperature and humidity development board shell install. There are interface of temperature sensor, humidity sensor and PM2.5 sensor on the PCB board (PM2.5 sensor is not standard, pls buy if required). You can install it directly on PCB board, temperature and humidity sensor is recommended to install for extension to ensure numerical accuracy.…


Smoke Detector Sensor

Product parameters   Operating voltage: 12v/DC~24v/DC Static current: ≤ 2MA Alarm current: ≤ 10MA Operating temperature: -10 ℃ ~ 50 ℃ Operating humidity: ≤ 95%RH Alarm mode: Networked output / Led indication Alarm Detection area:  20㎡ Sensitivity level:  Level 1 Alarm output: Relay output (N/O or N/C optional) Product size: φ 104*51mm